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The Strathmore Law Clinic is a student run institution dedicated to furthering access to justice through the provision of accurate legal information to all persons. This is done through advocacy and outreach programs.  It is divided into three units, namely: Human Rights, Entrepreneurship and Criminal Justice. We, as the Entrepreneurship Unit, purpose to offer free legal information to the community with regard to the law on business and other business related fields.    

 The Unit is compromised of three sub-units; Intellectual Property, Small to Micro-Business and lastly, the Oil and Gas division. 

Through this initiative, the Intellectual Property division of the Entrepreneurship Unit has conducted a series of sensitisation sessions on intellectual property rights as they relate to business, the creative arts and ICT. 

This project, in collaboration with Queen Mary University, is aimed at providing legal services to entrepreneurs and small start ups. This involves having seasoned lawyers who guide the information given while we, as the students, write briefs. 

This project is aimed at aiding entrepreneurs engage in small and micro business  by providing them with relevant legal information surrounding the running of their businesses.


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